LMRI Scientists Selected to Participate in Biocom’s “Taking Art to the Cellular Level” Exhibit

Two scientists affiliated with the Lowy Medical Research Institute, Dr. Peter Westenskow and Dr. Michael Dorrell, were selected to participate in a public exhibit that showcased the artistic side of science.

Dr. Westenskow exhibited an image of the architecture of the retina, taken by electron microscopy.  The image was taken in collaboration with Dr. Malcom Wood at The Scripps Research Institute.  Dr. Dorrell exhibited an image he took in association with students at Point Loma Nazarene University of macrophages infiltrating a tumor.

The exhibit was run in coordination with the San Diego Airport Authority’s Art Program.  The airport receives more than 48,000 people passing through its terminals on any given day.  This art exhibit, which showcased the science of local San Diego researchers, was an opportunity to highlight one of San Diego’s local strengths: its life science community.  While the exhibit has been taken down, it remains on display online.