How to Donate

Eye tissue donated for medical research is a precious gift. If you are considering participating in the Eye Donation Program, please discuss your wishes with your loved ones. Information about the program can be found in The MacTel Project’s Eye Donation Brochure.

If you have decided to be an Eye Donor, speak with your ophthalmologist or MacTel Project coordinator. They will provide you with a MacTel Eye Donation Wallet Card. The card should be stored in your wallet, near your photo ID. They will also provide you with information about the closest Eye Bank.

You may wish to notify the local Eye Bank of your intentions.

Timing is extremely important, when it comes to organ donation. Donated retinal tissue needs to be preserved appropriately, and this should happen as soon as possible after death. It is important that you and your loved ones have a plan in place for eye donation, so that the opportunity to donate for MacTel research is not missed.

In the case of an impending death, such as with a terminal illness, your local Eye Bank should be notified to expect to receive a donation for MacTel research. With an unexpected death, a physician should be instructed that the eyes are to be donated to MacTel research.

The Eye Bank can refer to The Lowy Medical Research Institute’s instructions for retrieval. The Eye Bank will ensure that the tissue is delivered to LMRI for research.

Thank you in advance for this tremendous gift.