Marin Gantner, PhD

Senior Staff Scientist, LMRI

Dr. Marin Gantner is a Senior Staff Scientist at the Lowy Medical Research Institute. She heads LMRI’s metabolism research program. She is studying metabolism in the retina, and developing the tools to assess metabolism in MacTel retinas.

Dr. Marin Gantner received her Ph.D. from The Scripps Research Institute, working the in laboratory of Dr. Natasha Kralli. Her work focused on understanding the signaling pathways and transcription responses that regulate energy metabolism.  In particular, she worked with pathways that control mitochondrial number and fitness in brown adipose tissue, which can impact whole body energy expenditure and is an attractive therapeutic target for reducing obesity.

Dr. Gantner is applying her metabolic background and perspective to understanding the unique metabolic landscape of the retina. Her aims are to develop new research tools and gain insight into the normal metabolic demands of the retina, which can be then used to assess if and what metabolic defects are present in MacTel retinas.