Roberto Bonelli, PhD

Staff Scientist

Dr Roberto Bonelli, is a bioinformatician and data scientist with a specialization in statistical genetics. Currently, he serves as a Staff Data Scientist at Lowy Medical Research Institute where he coordinates and executes high-dimensional multi-omics data studies focusing on retinal diseases. His work entails the discovery of disease mechanisms, identification of therapeutic targets, and development of precision medicine tools.

Dr Bonelli holds a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) from The University of Melbourne, where he contributed to the discovery of the causative mechanism of a rare eye disease and potential new drug targets. Prior to coming to LMRI, Dr Bonelli served as Postdoctoral Researcher in Statistical Genomics at WEHI in Melbourne, Australia, and a Translational Bioinformatician at CSL, Global Research Data Science, Melbourne.

Dr Bonelli has been the first author on several high-impact publications, and his research has made significant contributions to understanding metabolic retinal disorders. His skills include omics data analysis and integration, causality analysis, prediction, and data pattern discovery making him a valuable asset here at LMRI.

Dr Bonelli is an effective communicator and a passionate advocate for human rights. He has founded QueersInScience, an Australian nationwide non-profit organization, and has won several awards for his presentations.