Sarah Harkins-Perry

Research Technician

Ms. Harkins-Perry is a research technician at the Lowy Medical Research Institute. She has over 18 years of molecular biology experience in a variety of research areas.

At the McArdle Laboratory for Cancer Research in Madison, Wisconsin, Ms. Harkins-Perry held Research Associate/Lab Manager positions in the laboratories of Dr. Peggy Farnham, where she researched liver cancer; and Dr. Bill Sugden, where she researched Epstein-Barr virus.  At The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, she was a Research Assistant II in the laboratory of Ulrich Mueller, where she researched cortex development and auditory perception.   At each of these positions, she made significant contributions to research through the development of molecular biology assays and tools specific to each laboratory’s needs.  She currently holds a joint position at the Lowy Medical Research Institute and in the laboratory of Dr. Martin Friedlander at The Scripps Research Institute.

Ms. Harkins-Perry received her BS in Cellular and Molecular Biology from Humboldt State University.